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Fashion Do’s and Don’ts – What Spoils and What Draws compliments

FASHION – refers to what’s “in” what’s popular and what’s selling –this can also be called as “open to the shades, color and hues”. Fashion is something that we follow and keep distinctive and constantly in trend. However we often come across big headlines which tend to draw more attention since we all are so keen to know which of the celebrity a fashion hauled.

Let’s understand the Fashion do’s and do not so we can keep our wardrobe ready and if we don’t can rent to wear the right outfit and not be the “topic of discussion”.

Why waste time let’s read the first one in the list:


Are you wearing extreme high heels?


  • Please Don’t buy tall / high  heels which are not comfortable at all and makes you conscious since they might make you stand or walk much taller than you had expected – if you carry them well –Great but in case you do not for a macro second – you might end up breaking your ankle or worse twisting your bone – be careful.
  • Do go for heels that are “comfortable “one which makes you look confident and make you glamour filled.

Expert suggests: Do not think on losing few inches when shopping for high heels instead love to show what you are comfortable and riskless


Have you ever witness people combining Black + Brown or Navy Blue + Black to match their clothes?

  • Never ever combine Brown + Black –these are the most unmatched colour combination of the era and how hard you try , they fail to complement even the bestest of brand . You will lose money on Brand as well your name so kindly avoid…
  • What is advisable is to wear something subtle – the best party combination in 2018 is wearing Tan or brown shade and go nude on your lip and shoes. Highlights according to your skin tone. Even if you are wearing anything dark or stripes – the perfect accessory would be a nude handbag and a nude pair of shoes.

Expert Suggests: Going for stripes, try not to go for bold stripes as they make you look bloater, thin strips are an “all-time –winner” you would not know how many eyes glare and appreciate!


  • Try not to dress up in high contrasting colors such as wearing a luscious Pink with a yellow skirt or red blazer with a pink shirt – they don’t match at all.
  • Try to dress in simple contrast shades such as a white shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans or a black shirt with a white n black stripe skirt  or may be a soft pink blazer on a self print shirt/blouse –these makes each color pop up brilliantly.

Expert suggests: Wear Black with Black if you can carry it well- but ensure the black goes well with the other black – ( there are more than 25 shades of black ) Second -What works best is the monochrome look – evergreen and a winner all the way !

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